The subtle finishing touch:
Belotero Soft3

Your subtle choice for fine line smoothing and skin rejuvenation

BELOTERO SOFT is your choice for the subtle smoothing and re-touching of very superficial lines and creases.


BELOTERO SOFT also acts as a skin booster by enhancing skin hydration due to its water-binding capacity.

BELOTERO SOFT – Ideal for fine lines and creases such as:


  • Perioral lines (smoker lines)
  • Forehead lines
  • Crow's feet

It becomes a part of you:

BELOTERO SOFT integrates smoothly into the treated area and is uniquely developed and formulated for the treatment of superficial lines and creases.


To enhance your comfort, BELOTERO SOFT is available with lidocaine.


See for yourself – have a look at the before & after pictures.